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Seconds Sale Mystery Pack


  • Image of Seconds Sale Mystery Pack

In each seconds mystery pack, you'll receive:
- One fine art print (8" x 8" or larger)
- One greeting card OR one postcard
- One other item (either a greeting card, postcard, sticker, notepad, notebook, washi tape, pin, or tea towel)

Each item has a slight misprint (for example, a dot of ink or misaligned border) or minor damage (for example, a slightly dinged corner or minor scratch), making it a "second". They still look nice and are functional but have imperfections. It's a gamble which items and designs you'll receive, which is the fun of it! And all of it is heavily discounted.

Unfortunately we can't take requests for specific items, since it is up to the printing gods which items are misprinted or slightly damaged! But, we promise if you order multiples in the same order, it'll all be different stuff.

There are no returns or exchanges on seconds.

Image of Tea Towels
Tea Towels
Image of Nature Walks Woven Blanket
Nature Walks Woven Blanket
Image of Barn Owl Woven Blanket
Barn Owl Woven Blanket
Image of Postcards
Image of Luna Moth Sticker
Luna Moth Sticker
Image of Autumnal Fox Print
Autumnal Fox Print
Image of The Coyote and Sunflowers Print
The Coyote and Sunflowers Print
Image of Strength Print
Strength Print
Image of Wild Magic Print
Wild Magic Print
Image of Floral Lungs Print
Floral Lungs Print
Image of Two-Headed Snake Print
Two-Headed Snake Print
Image of The Orrery Print
The Orrery Print
Image of Relict Print
Relict Print
Image of Plague Doctor Print
Plague Doctor Print
Image of The Lost Print
The Lost Print
Image of Moonflower Bat Print
Moonflower Bat Print
Image of White Hart Print
White Hart Print
Image of Barn Owl with Skulls Print
Barn Owl with Skulls Print
Image of The Green Scene Print
The Green Scene Print
Image of The Boar Hunt Print
The Boar Hunt Print
Image of The Secret Society Print
The Secret Society Print
Image of Ship in a Bottle Print
Ship in a Bottle Print
Image of Snowdrop Skull Print
Snowdrop Skull Print
Image of Nightjar Print
Nightjar Print
Image of Death and Rebirth Print
Death and Rebirth Print
Image of Altar Print
Altar Print
Image of Vulture Print
Vulture Print
Image of Hand Lantern Print
Hand Lantern Print
Image of The Wheat Harvester Print
The Wheat Harvester Print
Image of Potionmaker Print
Potionmaker Print
Image of Almost Wild, Foundling Print
Almost Wild, Foundling Print
Image of Celestial Guidance Print
Celestial Guidance Print
Image of The Figure and the Vow Print
The Figure and the Vow Print
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