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Holiday Gift Guide

To make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, we've complied a gift guide! There are links to each product, organized by category and aesthetic. Happy shopping!

For the cottagecore enthusiast, we recommend:
- The Victorian Hand Trinket Tray - A Natural History of Fairies - Bicycle Fine Art Print - Floral Laurel To Do List

For the poet, we recommend:
- I Dwell in Possibility Fine Art Print - I Dwell in Possibility Sticker - Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers

For the stationery enthusiast, we recommend:
- Correspondence Collection Washi Tape - Arctic Fox with Golden Flowers Washi Tape - Old World Florals Washi Tape - Fox and Hare Washi Tape

For the dark academic, we recommend:
- Botanica Sticker - The Fox and Dogwoods Fine Art Print - 2023 Floriography Planner - A Flower in Hand Enamel Pin - Magnolias Postcard

For the listless listmaker, we recommend:
- To Do Lists

For the daily walker, we recommend:
- Wandering Woods Fine Art Print - Tiny Antelope Wooden Pin - Nature Walks Postcards

For the snail mail sender, we recommend:
- Mushrooms, Nature Walk, and Floral Elk Postcards - Wintery Cardinals Greeting Card - Old World Florals Greeting Card - Clementine Greeting Card - Jumping Deer Greeting Card

For the magpie, we recommend:
- A Flower in Hand Enamel Pin - Floral Bouquet Enamel Pin - Tea and Cake Sticker Sheet - One for Sorrow Fine Art Print - One for Sorrow Sticker - Thinking of You Gold Foil Greeting Card

For your friendly neighborhood witch, we recommend:
- A Natural History of Magick - Woodland Wardens Oracle Deck - Full Moon and Black Cat Fine Art Print

For your friend who takes their waterbottle wherever they go, we recommend:
- A Walk in the Woods Sticker Sheet - Gems and Minerals Sticker Sheet - Pinecones Sticker Sheet - Botanica Sticker - One for Sorrow Sticker - Fox and Dogwoods Sticker - I Dwell in Possibility Sticker - Whooping Crane Sticker - Tree Swallow Sticker

For the gardener, we recommend:
- Floral Bouquet Enamel Pin - Peony and Fern Greeting Card - Spring Gardening Fine Art Print - Victorian Hand Trinket Tray

For the baker, we recommend:
- Tea and Cake Sticker Sheet - Tea Time Collection Fine Art Print - Tea Time To Do List

For that one friend who is never early (nor are they late!), we recommend:
- 2023 Floriography Wall Calendar - 2023 Floriography Planner

For the scientist, we recommend:
- Gem and Minerals Sticker Sheet - Whooping Crane Sticker - Butterflies and Moths Fine Art Print - Snake and Magnolias Postcard - One for Sorrow Sticker - Pinecones Sticker Sheet

For those with a coastal grandma aesthetic, we recommend:
- A Natural History of Mermaids - A Voyage By Sea Fine Art Print

For the backyard bird watcher, we recommend:
- Starlings Fine Art Print - Whooping Crane Sticker - One for Sorrow Sticker - Tree Swallow Sticker - Wintery Cardinals Greeting Card